Market review for the week of 6.05.2013 – 10.05.2013

The US Dollar has considerably strengthened its positions over the period of May 6-10 as it becomes more obvious that the world’s central banks continue weakening the monetary-credit policy. Serious steps in this direction have been taken by the ECB, Bank of Japan, and Reserve Bank of Australia. Further easing is anticipated from the Bank of England after Mark Carney becomes Head on July 1. With such a background, the USDX index, reflecting the American currency’s behavior versus the six main competitors, has gained 1.1% in the week’s aftermath.

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PipJet trades review for 18.03.2013 – 29.03.2013

Account #1(GMT+2)


2013.03.19 22:09 Buy 1.02648 2013.03.19 22:30 1.02700 5.2 pip.
2013.03.19 22:09 Buy 1.02640 2013.03.19 22:30 1.02695 5.5 pip.
2013.03.19 22:09 Buy 1.02648 2013.03.19 23:12 1.02697 4.9 pip.
2013.03.19 23:44 Sell 1.02780 2013.03.20 00:00 1.02729 5.1 pip.
2013.03.19 23:41 Sell 1.02757 2013.03.20 00:01 1.02709 4.8 pip.
2013.03.19 23:44 Sell 1.02780 2013.03.20 00:52 1.02711 6.9 pip.
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Forecast for the week of 1.04.2013 – 5.04.2013

The coming week will become the first week of the new month and will thus be rich in key macroeconomic data from the US, capable of setting the mood of the global financial markets’ traders for the entire April. On Monday, April 1 (14:00 GMT), substantial data on the PMI index in the industrial sector will be released. The anticipations will be quite optimistic. The recent industrial orders dynamics has been very positive and in general forms the opinion about certain recovery in the US industry. Therefore, any negative surprises will cause considerable negative impact on the stock exchanges and the US Dollar’s positions.

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Market review for the week of 25.03.2013 – 29.03.2013

The US Dollar has resumed its growth versus the main rivals over the period of March 25-29. The USDX index, being its correlation to the basket of the six world’s main currencies, has gained 0.7% and reached its maximal value since August, 2012. The main driver of its movement was the continued weakening of the Euro, the specific gravity of which in the index constitutes 57.6%. The macroeconomic data from the US continues to remain positive, also positively impacting the American currency, which preserves a positive correlation with stock exchanges.

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