Forecast for the week of 14.01.2013 – 18.01.2013

Over the period of January 14-18, a whole package of significant macroeconomic data will be published in the US, which can influence the traders’ mood. Besides that, the Federal Reserve President Ben Bernanke will deliver a speech at the University of Michigan (January 14, 21:00 GMT) on the monetary policy and the particulars of the American economy’s recovery following the financial crisis.

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Report for the week of 7.01.2013 – 11.01.2013

The American Dollar over the period of January 7-11 fell under serious pressure following the ECB President’s Mario Draghi’s announcement about the presence of serious positive shifts in the Eurozone’s financial sector. He stressed the profitability decrease on a number of the problematic countries’ bonds as well as the increase of deposits on accounts in the banking systems of Greece, Spain, and Italy. This announcement has provoked a massive sale of the Dollar, being the traditional protective asset, and the increase of demand for instruments related to the economic growth on all of the planets major stock exchanges. Therefore, the Dollar index USDX in the second half of the day on Friday, January 11, lost 1.2% compared to the last week’s closure.

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Pipjet trades review for December 2012

Account #1(GMT+2)


2012.12.03 23:08 Sell 0.99494 2012.12.04 00:17 0.99493 0.1 pip.


2012.12.04 23:08 Sell 0.99306 2012.12.05 02:01 0.99314 -0.8 pip.


2012.12.05 23:48 Sell 0.99166 2012.12.06 02:30 0.99165 0.1 pip.
2012.12.05 23:51 Sell 0.99175 2012.12.06 10:40 0.99172 0.3 pip.

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