USD/CAD Revealed as the MOST Profitable Currency Pair!

You’ll never believe the response that we received after releasing our report on the USD/CAD!

We’ve been stuck under an avalanche of emails since Thursday morning and the end doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight!

I can’t imagine what the feedback is going to be for tomorrow though.

If we’re buried under this amount of correspondence… and we’ve only just gotten started… what’s going to happen after tomorrow!?

Well, maybe you haven’t heard, but tomorrow is when we really let the cat out of the bag!

At 9 am EST, Sunday the 24th of June (tomorrow) we’re going to reveal EXACTLY what we’ve been able to accomplish with our FOUR discoveries!

In fact, tomorrow we’re going to be raise the bar for FX vendors once again with another “First Time EVER!”.

We love pushing the boundaries and of course, PIPJET will be no exception!

We’re still busy getting ready, so this is just a short update… we’ll have more for you tomorrow, till then!


  1. larry lenhardt
    2012/06/24 at 14:46

    so this is sunday 10:45 where is it

  2. Linton
    2012/06/24 at 21:55

    Megadroid ea and Pipjet ea, which is more profitable and more accurate

    • Admin (Author)
      2012/06/25 at 15:54

      They are both profitable and extremely accurate. We can not compare two of our robots. They are trading different currency pairs so I guess it’s better to use both.

  3. Bruno Galardi Este
    2012/06/26 at 23:09

    Please note that I’ve been trading the Forex full time for the past 5 years and that I make very good income out of it…But living in Europe, due my time zone I never trade the Asian session, because I’m usually sleeping at that time, except when exceptionally I suffer from insomnia…Which is why I’m particularly interested by the Pipjet…
    Today I received an e-mail introducing the Pipjet robot which I understand has been developed by you guys who also created the Megadroid robot
    Consequently, because I couldn’t find any “contact us” reference on the “Pipjet” website, I take the liberty to send you this message:
    a) I’m very impressed by the the Pipjet robot and very inerested to purchase it however I would appreciate your clarification on the following points:
    -I gathered it’s important to benefit from the lowest possible spread on the USD/CAD pair in order to maximize the robot’s performance and profitability…
    However the two brokers I presently use give me a 3 and 4 pips fixed spread on this pair: Would such spreads allow me to use the Pipjet as profitably as what you show on your 5 account samples?
    If not, then which are the brokers you recommend who can offer lower spreads?
    If yes, and therefore I can use my existing brokers (which I would prefer), is it OK to use the Pipjet robot with my accounts that are well funded (from 50K$ to 100K$) and which I also use to trade manually during the Euro and US sessions?
    b) I’m also very interested by the Megadroid robot, which I guess trades the EUR/USD, and in this case would a 2 pips spread be OK?
    And if yes, can I use both robots on the same account?
    Looking forward to your earliest reply,

    • Admin (Author)
      2012/07/02 at 23:23

      a) Spread of 3 and 4 is quite a big spread for USDCAD and PipJet. We’d recommend you using brokers with lower spreads.
      We have a list of 5 recommended brokers in our Members Area.

      b) 2 pips spread is also big for current market, coz ECN and STP brokers usually have lower spreads. But you can use it with this spread as well. You can try this on your demo account with the same spread and then move it to live if it works well there.

      You always have 60 days money back guarantee so it’s risk free offer!

  4. CK
    2012/07/06 at 8:36


    I bought pipjet a week ago, but so far I do not see any trading activated. I like to check it is no trading this week or my setting is having the problems. I am using FinFX demo account. Do you think it is suitable for Pipjet to trade USD/CAD? Please advise.

    • Admin (Author)
      2012/07/11 at 23:44

      FinFx is not recommended for PipJet because of high spread on USDCAD. You should check if you installed everything correctly and try different broker. You can use several demo accounts at the same time to select which on is better.

  5. Arigo
    2012/07/24 at 0:45

    Well I have both MD and PJ bots trading and making a profits for me in the first week. So far ,so good. Do they always take out profit at only a very low number of pips or is that adjustable within the parameters settings.

    • Admin (Author)
      2012/07/26 at 18:38

      You should keep them working long-term and then you will see positive results. There’s nothing profitable which works fast except gambling. Our EAs has rather low risks and high accuracy that’s why it’s long-term oriented profits.


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