PipJet Strategy Disclosed IN FULL!

Yesterday after we released the strategy disclosure video and our five live trading accounts, we were inundated by a deluge of emails from all over the globe!

Our support staff still haven’t been able to dig themselves out from under this avalanche!

It’s terrific though, we’re glad that it shook up the FX world because it made people sit up and take notice of what’s going on!

We love doing the “First Time Ever” in FX because it forces every other developer out there to up their game.

That’s what happens in this industry, people get too comfortable and that’s when the nefarious vendors crop up and start taking advantage!

Let’s see them expose the inner workings of THEIR bots!

It’s got to make sense to the trader, if it doesn’t make sense you just don’t trade it – it’s that’s simple!

But, hey…there’s something else that I’m think about right now and that is….

Tomorrow is LAUNCH DAY!

We’ve been building up to this for two years now. We’re very proud of everyone who’s worked on this project with us. It’s been quite a journey, and for some of us, it’s just beginning.

Tomorrow we hope to welcome many, many new members into the PipJet family.

That’s all for today, we’ll have more for you tomorrow!

PipJet goes LIVE at 9am EST the 26th of June (Tuesday)!


  1. Fashikun
    2012/07/22 at 14:42

    does it need any personal setting

    • Admin (Author)
      2012/07/26 at 18:40

      No, you can use default settings.
      Do not forget to enter Authorization code and adjust RiskLevel. Read User Manual to get more info.


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