MD Team Gears Up For PIPJET Launch!

After a grueling two years of development we’re finally on the home stretch with our brand new PIPJET EA. It’s a great feeling to see the culmination of so many sleepless nights come to fruition like this.

We started this project early in 2010 and it’s been an absolute pleasure going to the office every day. It’s great to have such a talented team to work with, in fact, it’s not really work when you love what you do.

And speaking of loving what we do, PIPJET is going to rock the Forex world like nothing anybody has ever seen before!

We don’t want to give away too much and ruin the surprise, but we can already picture the looks that people are going to have on their faces when we show them what we’ve come up with.

This is really something special, we think we speak for the entire team when we say that we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished with PIPJET.

So far the only people that know about the launch are you guys, our own subscribers, but word is sure to start spreading… other developers are already starting to talk, we’ve heard the whispers!

Yeah, we know it was you! 🙂

Anyway, like we mentioned in our email broadcast earlier, the party is going to start on Thursday the 21st and we know everyone is going to be watching us closely to see what we put out.

We hope to have enough time as we head towards the 26th to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening behind the scenes with the launch… so hopefully you’ll hear from me again soon.


Till then!

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