The PipLaser Bot – USD/CAD Perfection



You might remember that we mentioned the PipLaser robot at the beginning of the year to our subscribers.

Back then (around March), it was in development and, as many of you may recall, our objective was to produce the BEST USD/CAD robot.


We managed to accomplish the objective!

After almost 9 months of hard work, development and A LOT of strategy testing (we actually tested 2,739 combinations before arriving at PipLaser’s current strategy!)… the best USD/CAD bot on the planet was born.

We mean it… the BEST USD/CAD robot in the automated FX trading industry.


Quite a few of our subscribers have been asking us what it is about the USD/CAD market that we find so appealing… why we selected it for trading PipLaser.

Well… the answer is actually quite simple.

Most traders are unaware that there are certain times during the trading session when the pair has a very high degree of correlation with the EUR/USD pair.

What does this mean? Simply this…

…we found a very interesting occurrence – pay close attention:

Every time the EUR/USD pair ranges at a CERTAIN time of the day, and at NO MORE than a certain number of pips for less than 2 hours, the USD/CAD market triggers a scalping opportunity with OVER 98% accuracy.

It’s almost like knowing what the future will be… having a crystal ball! We’re not kidding… a crystal ball!

Don’t take our word for it (actually, NEVER take anyone’s word when it comes to FX trading… always demand REAL proof!)…

…VERIFY our claims for yourself!

After finishing development of the robot in late May, we placed it on a real-money, LIVE account in JULY, 2010.

**Please note that the account above uses mini-contracts ($10,000 per full lot) rather than standard contracts ($100,000 per full lot) so 1.0 lots = $1 per pip

So… here are the details of the account:

– Deposit: USD $1,000
– Deposit date: 30/06/2010
– First trade taken on: 19/07/2010
– Current account NET profit (in USD): $1,388.74
– Current account NET profit (in %): 138.8%
– Percentage of profitable trades: 100%

Yes… 138.8% NET PROFIT with 100% profitable trades! That’s the power of the PipLaser EA… that’s the powerful result of finding real market correlation.

But, as we said earlier, don’t take our word for it!

We’re so proud of the PipLaser robot that we’d like to INVITE you to login in to our account with an investor (read only) password so that you can verify:

1. The accuracy of the robot
2. The profitbility of the robot
3. The fact that it is a REAL-MONEY, live account
4. The fact that this is the best USD/CAD robot in the automated FX trading industry!


In order to log-in to our account please complete the following steps:

Step #1:

Download Metatrader (MT4) from here:

Step #2:

Once downloaded AND installed, open the platform and go to “File”, then to “Login”.

Once the “Login” window is open, use the following details to access the account:

Login: 1284
Password: piplaser2010f
Server: FinFx-Live

If you properly followed steps #1 and #2, you should be now logged into our PipLaser account and able to view all its details in REAL TIME!


PipLaser is THE best USD/CAD EA ever developed and you can easily verify that by logging in to our trading account.

The robot is the most accurate and profitable USD/CAD EA in the industry – PROVEN by a real-money, live account.

It simply doesn’t get better than this. It just doesn’t!

As it stands, we’re considering two things:

1. When to release the PipLaser to the public, and

2. At what price


Most likely, the robot will be released early in 2011 (not later than mid-February) and the price tag will be NOT LESS than USD $499.

Yes, $499…

A price that we actually believe is LOW considering this robot’s performance (again, we hope you logged into our account to verify it).


GET the PipLaser EA Before Everyone Else And, Most Importantly, AT NO COST!

The Forex Megadroid team has been online for almost 2 years… that’s right, almost 2 years!

During our online presence, we’ve made great efforts to provide value to our subscribers.

We believe that it’s our PRIVILEGE that YOU are part of our family and, as such, we always look for ways to reward you.

Today, we’d like to reward our subscribers by giving them a FREE copy of the PipLaser robot.

A copy which, in a few months from now, people will stand in line to pay USD $499 for!


As you know, we’re introducing the Pips4Idiots robot to everyone… a truly great EA (we hope you read our review post about it… if not, PLEASE DO!)

A lot of buzz has been building around this magnificent and original Forex trading product…

…and that translates into benefits for our subscribers that others don’t and won’t enjoy.

One of these benefits is having access to our special developments, all based on our accumulated and combined trading knowledge plus our years of experience.

So… to the point:

After A LOT OF THOUGHT we’ve decided to reward our subscribers who invest in their careers and education as Forex traders… those subscribers who take their involvement in this profession seriously.

What does that mean? Simple…

Any of our subscribers who buy the Pips4Idiots EA through our link will automatically receive a copy of the PipLaser Robot at absolutely no cost!

This is a rare opportunity to access our exclusive private works long before the general market, and at an enviable price.

This is your chance to own a lifetime license (at no cost) to a masterpiece of automated FX trading software – something which many people will soon pay USD $499 for.

So… pay attention!

Once “Pips4Idiots” goes live this coming Monday at 12PM EST USA/ 5PM London, you will have two options:

Option #1:

The link below will become active. By clicking it, you will be buying “Pips4Idiots” via our link and download instructions for PipLaser™ will AUTOMATICALLY be provided to you during the process.

>>> Click On THIS Link To Get Your < << >>> Copy Of “Pips4Idiots” < <<

Option #2:

You may use any of the purchase links we send you by email.

On Monday, December 6th, we will be sending you an email with the purchase link for “Pips4Idiots”.

By clicking the link and purchasing IMMEDIATELY after reviewing the sales letter, you will automatically qualify to receive a complimentary copy of PipLaser™… and, as with option 1, download instructions will be provided to you during the purchase process.


The *only* ways to get the PipLaser™ bonus are to:

1. Wait for the above link to become active, OR

2. To use the link in the email we will send you on Monday, December 6th.


To avoid delays in receiving your PipLaser™ bonus, please ensure that you white-list support [at] to prevent our notification email being filtered or blocked.

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