Forecasting Trends: Early Trend Detection and Entry

Each day thousands of traders struggle with incessant thoughts.

Mind churning decisions like, “When should I enter the market?” …. “Is now the right time?”… or “Is now even too late?”

Im sure most feel so ambivalent they think they’re going mad.

So what about you? When do you think is the best time to enter the market?

The best and most logical answer would be… “At the beginning of a new trend”.

Of course that sounds so simple, especially on paper. But in reality, for most traders, getting a good entry point is a whole new ball game.

It seems impossible to tell when one trend has ended and new one has really begun… or was that movement just a larger than normal pullback in the original direction?

Is it truly impossible or could it be simpler than you think?

What if you could pinpoint changes in trend with a high degree of accuracy… one thing I know for sure is your trading results and confidence would dramatically improve.

The knowledge I will be sharing with you is the ability to predict future turning points, and if that isn’t good enough… how about shortly following those turns knowing the signals of high success entry points.

These strategies are just some of what Jesse Livermore and William Gann were privy to and used to make their billions ‘short selling’ into the market days before the famous US stock market crash of 1929 – so how did they pick the top?

Whilst millions of punters were busy buying into the euphoric market, these two famous traders were setting up entirely different positions, and profited enormously as prices plummeted.

So what was it that they knew?

This is the information I am about to share with you…

Although the markets movements seem quirky and unpredictable, when you have a really close look and train your eye to know what to look for, you can see that its movements are in fact quite predictable …

The analysis style is called Cycle Analysis.

But before I go into any great detail on the background of cycles I want to show you some charts.

Check out this monthly chart of the USDJPY which goes all the way back to the 1990’s. See how I have drawn some vertical lines to the major lows – it’s the troughs in the market that we initially pay attention to.

Interestingly, do you notice that when measured each of those lows are around 55 or so months apart! Quite spooky isn’t it.

Now I haven’t just picked any old lows off the chart… there is a precise science that I will share with you. This is only the beginning.

Stick with me for any exciting ride, and get ready to amaze your trading friends when your ‘market predictions’ are right!

Many Pips!

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