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Amazing Forex Knowledge Base

Hey guys, Forex Megadroid project is not dead! The Remote Safety Mode feature is active and is being activated on the main financial events, when the market is most dangerous.

The team is working on something new and as soon as we achieve our goals we will share it with you!

Meanwhile, may be you gained some interest in trading Forex “by hand”? If you are interested in manual Forex trading and want to use some cool strategy among popular ones or even something secret – go to

That is the place with all indicators explained, manual strategies, expert advisors and so on. You’ll love it!

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PipJet Launched

Yesterday was an incredible success! People can’t stop talking about PipJet!

Forums, chat rooms, emails… The net is buzzing with activity from every corner!

We’ve launched the world’s new #1 EA and we did it in style! The response from traders has been just fantastic.

No matter how much preparation you put in to something, you still always have that nagging feeling that people won’t like it.

Those fears have been well laid to rest!

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come from noticing weird activity on the market years ago…to creating the world’s #1 Fx Bot…AGAIN!

If you haven’t seen our latest creation yet, you can find it at:

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PipJet Strategy Disclosed IN FULL!

Yesterday after we released the strategy disclosure video and our five live trading accounts, we were inundated by a deluge of emails from all over the globe!

Our support staff still haven’t been able to dig themselves out from under this avalanche!

It’s terrific though, we’re glad that it shook up the FX world because it made people sit up and take notice of what’s going on!

We love doing the “First Time Ever” in FX because it forces every other developer out there to up their game.

That’s what happens in this industry, people get too comfortable and that’s when the nefarious vendors crop up and start taking advantage!

Let’s see them expose the inner workings of THEIR bots!

It’s got to make sense to the trader, if it doesn’t make sense you just don’t trade it – it’s that’s simple!

But, hey…there’s something else that I’m think about right now and that is….

Tomorrow is LAUNCH DAY!

We’ve been building up to this for two years now. We’re very proud of everyone who’s worked on this project with us. It’s been quite a journey, and for some of us, it’s just beginning.

Tomorrow we hope to welcome many, many new members into the PipJet family.

That’s all for today, we’ll have more for you tomorrow!

PipJet goes LIVE at 9am EST the 26th of June (Tuesday)!

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USD/CAD Revealed as the MOST Profitable Currency Pair!

You’ll never believe the response that we received after releasing our report on the USD/CAD!

We’ve been stuck under an avalanche of emails since Thursday morning and the end doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight!

I can’t imagine what the feedback is going to be for tomorrow though.

If we’re buried under this amount of correspondence… and we’ve only just gotten started… what’s going to happen after tomorrow!?

Well, maybe you haven’t heard, but tomorrow is when we really let the cat out of the bag!

At 9 am EST, Sunday the 24th of June (tomorrow) we’re going to reveal EXACTLY what we’ve been able to accomplish with our FOUR discoveries!

In fact, tomorrow we’re going to be raise the bar for FX vendors once again with another “First Time EVER!”.

We love pushing the boundaries and of course, PIPJET will be no exception!

We’re still busy getting ready, so this is just a short update… we’ll have more for you tomorrow, till then!

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Less than 24hrs to go till the PIPJET train leaves the station!

We’re almost there, just running through the final checks on the servers, making sure that everything is tip top for tomorrow 9am.

Two years later and it all comes down to this! Someone once said that you can master anything in 10,000 hours.

That’s roughly 416 days. Of course that would mean not eating or sleeping or taking any time off.

We like to think that everyone who worked on this project was genetically engineered to require less food and sleep than the average human being though!

We also like what we do, so when we’re not sleeping or eating, we’re hard at work.

Basically, after 2 years, which would be 730 days, if we took out the food and sleep, it looks like we’ve logged just a little bit more than 10,000 hours on PIPJET!

But, it’s not enough to just say ‘here you go, that’s PIPJET’. Any trader worth his salt would want to know exactly how it works, why it works and how we came up with it.

So, tomorrow is going to be something of a ‘taste test’, if you will.

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