Posts from: November 2012

PipJet trades review for the weeks of 12.11.2012-23.11.2012

Account #1(GMT+2)


2012.11.13 23:56 S1 Sell 1.00224 2012.11.14 01:04 1.00216 0.8 pip.


2012.11.15 23:06 S1 Buy 1.00125 2012.11.16 05:07 1.00123 -0.2 pip.
2012.11.15 23:52 S2 Buy 1.00091 2012.11.16 02:52 1.00091 0 pip.


2012.11.20 00:24 S1 Sell 0.99698 2012.11.20 01:45 0.99676 2.2 pip.
2012.11.20 00:24 S2 Sell 0.99704 2012.11.20 02:06 0.99650 5.4 pip.
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Forecast for the week of 26.11.2012-30.11.2012

The main macroeconomic release capable of impacting the Dollar’s positions the coming week can become the report on the durable consumption goods orders (Tuesday, November 27). Despite its impact on the currency market’s participants being traditionally limited, it can provoke movement on the US stock exchanges and the indices dynamics can already, in its turn, considerably move the Dollar’s quotes.

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Report for the week of 19.11.2012-23.11.2012

The US Dollar over the period of November 19-23 fell under pressure as investors on the global currency market were expressing a growing demand for assets sensitive to economic growth. Barack Obama’s negotiations with opponents from the Congress on the fiscal gap problem finished successfully. Both sides expressed confidence in its successful solution in the near future although no details have been announced in the media. Nonetheless, on Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving was celebrated and the following day, Friday, was a short day on stock exchanges. The trading activity on the currency market on these days was low, so the movements observed at the end of the week should be treated with caution. The Dollar index USDX lost 0.7% for the reporting period.

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