Posts from: September 2012

PipJet trades review for the week of 17.09.2012-21.09.2012

Account #1 (GMT+3)


2012.09.17 23:19 S1 buy 0. 97482 2012.09.17 23:27 0. 97515 3.3 pip.
2012.09.17 23:50 S1 buy 0. 97474 2012.09.18 01:15 0. 97489 1.5 pip.


2012.09.19 00:00 S2 buy 0. 97412 2012.09.19 00:11 0. 97467 5.5 pip.
2012.09.19 00:00 S2 buy 0. 97412 2012.09.19 01:06 0. 97474 6.2 pip.


2012.09.19 23:25 S1 sell 0. 97521 2012.09.19 23:53 0. 97466 5.5 pip.
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Forecast for the week of 24.09.2012-28.09.2012

No major macroeconomic data releases, capable of substantially impacting the Dollar’s positions, are planned for the period of September 24-28. The orders data for the durable consumption goods (September 17, 12:30 GMT) can have a certain significance for the markets and can therefore move the American currency’s quotes in either direction. In general, we suppose the Greenback has all chances to return the fall during the coming week, since its recent strengthening was of a very uncertain nature. The EURUSD pair can test the maximums of its current upward trend at 1.3171 – especially, considering the weak lowering of the European currency.  The Euro can derive support here from the business climate data for Germany from the economic research center Ifo or Mario Draghi’s speech (September 25, 13:00 GMT). From the technical analysis standpoint, 1.3280 will become the target if 1.3170 is broken through. If the Ifo data turns out negative, the downward correction can continue with a target at 1.2820.

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Report for the week of 17.09.2012-21.09.2012

The American currency has somewhat strengthened its position for the period of September 17-21 whereas in absence of important macroeconomic data the market participants have been digesting the previous week’s trading outcome. The USDX index, being a correlation of its rate to a basket of six main competitors, gained 0.7% during the first half of the day on Friday. Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that the Greenback’s strengthening was of an uncertain nature and reminded more of a correction after a major fall.

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