Posts from: June 2012

Review of the trading week 11.06.2012 -15.06.2012

The U.S. currency was trading in different directions during the week on the news from Spain that this country will receive a financial aid package in the size of 100 billion Euros to stabilize the banking sector distress. The USDX Dollar Index was down to 0.9%. Nonetheless, the members of international financial markets questioned the adequacy of that sum, and against the profitability rising on the ten-year government bonds of Spain to the record levels, they once again turned to buying the U.S. currency. However, on Wednesday, June 13th, the Dollar again began to lose its positions on the outcome expectations of the parliamentary elections in Greece, scheduled for June 17th, and closer to the week’s closing it lost about 0.9%.

The EUR/USD pair tested the resistance in the area of 1.2650 during the Asian trading session on Monday, June 11th, on a wave of optimism caused by the news from Spain. However, it failed to generate a steady upward momentum and moved down to find the support only in the area of 1.2455, from which it is again listlessly moving up on the elections expectations in Greece.

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Problem with crashes solved

Our team of programmers has managed to defeat the problem with the MT4 crashes, it was related to the incompatibility of new versions of the MT4 build and the dll library.

In order to avoid crashes, we recommend that you download the files once again from the Members’ Area and replace your old files with them.

The version’s number is still 1.39, as no improvements have been made.

Other EA’s from our team have also been updated without changing the version’s number. If you have encountered problems with one of them, please, update your files.

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Forecast for the week 11.06.2012 – 15.06.2012

In the period from June 11th to June 15th, the main macroeconomic reports that may have an impact on the Dollar will be the data on production and consumer price inflation (June 13th and 14th respectively). Considering recent talks in the market about the possibility of the additional easing, investors will assess the space availability for such a maneuver on the part of inflation. The reduction of price pressure in the economy may somewhat strengthen the Dollar’s positions. It is important to note that the events around Greece and Spain are rapidly developing in the Eurozone. The information coming out of these countries may any time provoke large-scale movements to any direction in the currency market.

The EUR/USD pair is being corrected after five weeks of large-scale sales of the European currency. The bidders generally ignore macroeconomic statistics, and keep focus on the news concerning Greece and Spain, as well as the outcome of endless meetings, summits, and the debates held by the political leaders of the region. We believe that the European currency may cease its decline until the sum up of the parliamentary elections in Greece, on which expectations it is possible to fix profits. We expect the pair to fluctuate in the area of 1.2300 – 1.2650, however, we admit to a possible breakthrough of the lower boundary.

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Review of the trading week 4.06.2012 – 8.06.2012

The U.S. dollar was remaining under pressure during the first half of the week, however, resumed its growth after the Federal Reserve Chairman Mr. Bernanke chastened the supporters of additional easing, saying that his agency continued to expect modest growth of the world’s largest economy. He also noted that the Federal Reserve was ready to take decisive actions to protect the national financial system in case of an escalation of the debt crisis in the Eurozone. In addition, fairly positive reports on the PMI from the Institute for Supply Management diluted the pessimism of investors about the U.S. economy. Towards the end of the week, the USDX Dollar Index returned all the previously lost positions, reaching the opening level.

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