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Why is it important to update to the latest build of MetaTrader?

Will Megadroid execute normal trade if  MetaTrader has not been not timely updated?

MetaTrader is an information and trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp., designed to manage dealing services in the Forex, CFD and Futures markets. It is a full cycle complex, so that no additional software is required to manage the dealing services if MetaTrader is present. It works on Windows platform.
As by August 2010, the forth program version has been actively being used and the fifth has been released. The first, second, and third versions of the platform are neither used, nor supported.

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Forecast for the week 26.03.2012 – 30.03.2012

In the period from March 26th  to March 30th , no important macroeconomic statisticswill be published, capable of making a significant impact on the Dollar. The U.S. currency trends will continue to largely depend on the stock markets dynamics. On Monday, March 26th, the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve B. Bernanke will give speeches at the National Association for Business Economists (2012 Policy Conference), however, one should hardly expect from it any surprises. The data on consumer confidence (March 27th) and the orders for durable goods have been recently making a limited effect on the currency market, but they can provoke movement in the stock markets, which certainly, in this case, will create an impact on the Dollar.

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Review of the trading week 19.03.2012 – 23.03.2012

The U.S. currency was remaining under pressure from March 19th until March 23rd, where it found itself after the data on consumer price inflation in the United States had been released on Friday, March 16th. The USDX Dollar index, which is the ratio of the U.S. currency to a basket of six major currencies, lost 0.9% in the moment. No significant macroeconomic statistics that could support the Dollar, was published during this period. After the data release on net borrowing in the UK Public Sector (March 23rd), which exceeded the expectations, the Pound started actively losing its positions, and provoked a wave of purchases of the U.S. currency, which however did not last long. On Thursday and Friday, the Dollar again began to lose its positions, and the index closed the week closely to its minimums.

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What base currency should one keep their trading account in and why?

Almost all of the dealing centers provide an opportunity to open a deposit in different currencies. Most of the time, brokers offer their customers to open their deposit accounts in US Dollars, Euros or in the national currency of the customer’s residency. In some countries, brokers have an opportunity to accept and pay out money in different currencies and immediately open a deposit for the customer, avoiding the procedure of currency conversion. It all depends on the structure of the financial department of the broker and its relationships with banks and regulatory authorities.

Despite the fact that the account’s currency does not essentially affect the trading process, the question on making a choice on the deposit’s currency is still open.

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The extent of influence of the market news on Megadroid’s trading

In the world of finance, one can observe a huge number of indicators, ratings, reports and all kinds of news published every second. Some news is worth your attention, others will affect a particular currency pair and their impact will be different in each case. Our team has been researching the above-mentioned issues, and is willing to share with you the basic rules of reading the financial information for the EUR/USD, which may help you improve your trading.

The news and events, which have influence on the EUR/USD currency pair, can be divided into several groups:

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