Posts from: December 2010

The PipLaser Bot – USD/CAD Perfection



You might remember that we mentioned the PipLaser robot at the beginning of the year to our subscribers.

Back then (around March), it was in development and, as many of you may recall, our objective was to produce the BEST USD/CAD robot.


We managed to accomplish the objective!

After almost 9 months of hard work, development and A LOT of strategy testing (we actually tested 2,739 combinations before arriving at PipLaser’s current strategy!)… the best USD/CAD bot on the planet was born.

We mean it… the BEST USD/CAD robot in the automated FX trading industry.


Quite a few of our subscribers have been asking us what it is about the USD/CAD market that we find so appealing… why we selected it for trading PipLaser.

Well… the answer is actually quite simple.

Most traders are unaware that there are certain times during the trading session when the pair has a very high degree of correlation with the EUR/USD pair.

What does this mean? Simply this…

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Pips4Idiots – Product Review

Hey everyone!

Last week we got access to Pips4Idiots and thought of writing a review…so, here you go 🙂

These days, we come across a new robot practically every day.

Some we dismiss right off the bat, some we try out and dismiss, and a rare few, we continue to use on our live accounts – “The Pips 4 Idiots” System is one of those rare breed.

The “Pips 4 Idiots” System has been created by Joe Simpson, a relative newcomer in the forex market who has been tearing chunks of cash out of the Forex market with the kind of speed and accuracy that’d put a lot of these so-called “experts” to shame..

However, unlike a lot of the products out there, Joe doesn’t want to sell you anything with a sales pitch, but rather wants you to see live proof of how successful his software is.

And no, these aren’t gimmicks, tricks, back-tests, simulations, or demos! All the proof he is presenting is from live real money forex trading accounts.

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