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Turning Dates

Hi there!

Just before the end of last blog I asked you if you wanted to see something else amazing?

Do you realise that most markets will also turn on approx 2-3 of their own specific dates each month.

Now the image below will help you to understand a little better.

On the USDJPY daily chart I went through it and jotted down all the dates that the ‘cycle low’ turning bar fell on within each 15 week cycle, (left hand column of image above).

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USDJPY High Probability Events

Hello all,

As I mentioned in a recent post, as we go through our list of observations what we are looking for is a bunch of things that have a high probability of occurring at certain market behaviours.

Now before I get into looking at the moon phases on charts, I just want to prepare you that the moon is not the only astral object that we will be observing – although the moon is closest to the Earth it is tiny compared to the other planets within our solar system.

Those other massive astral bodies have larger gravitational pulls that through varying alignments with each other they have amazingly effects on the human masses psyche which in turn is reflected within the charts – you know the cycles we have been studying… that is exactly the effect. We will go into that more deeply later.

For now, onto the moon phases.

And remember we are only interested in the full moons that are within our cycle zone bands. So on the daily chart we will look at our 23 completed 15 week cycles and determine how many of the cycle lows turned within 3 days either side of a full moon.

Out of our 23 cycles 16 of them had a full moon +/- on average 2.25 days within the turning date of the cycle lows – this represents 70% of the time.

I most definitely prefer a probability of 80% or more, but we don’t want to disregard these findings just yet as this combined with all the other high probability events within the time bands gives a really good indication of a potential market turn.

After the moon I looked into other varying astral body alignments, like Sun/Saturn, Sun/Mercury…etc but did not find anything significant.

There is great depth to understanding Geocosmic studies, and I can’t do it justice within a couple of blogs.

So if you have only just heard about this type of analysis being applied to the financial markets you most likely are finding it quite hard to wrap your head around. But like I mentioned earlier its not about finding out why it works, if it works and can improve your trading performance then use it!

So let’s do a quick summary of what observations we have made on the USDJPY.

Want to see another amazing thing? Next blog we will be looking at the high probabillity monthly turning dates.

Keep it real!

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Market Update – USDJPY and AUDUSD

Hey star traders!

Market Update


The short lived rally on Tuesday this week took out the high of last week’s bar giving us 3 weeks UP,  – Tuesdays bar is a valid entry signal bar.

Wednesdays bar dropped down with an inside bar, I normally would move my entry order downward onto this new daily bars high, however due to this list below we may have further to pull back.

  1. 3 weeks up means very soon we should see a weekly pull back.
  2. The market has been moving sideways finding resistance at the 33% price extension level.
  3. Full moon may also pivot the market down temporarily.
  4. We don’t want to take long positions after 20% of the start of the new cycle, 15 wks x 20% = 3 weeks.
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Geocosmic WHAT?

Hello all!

So how did you find my last blog on the brief Geocosmic Studies introduction, did you get a chance to google it or read an Anglers Almanac from the newsagent?

An online search will bring up one of the fathers on the topic, Ray Merriman – this guy really knows his stuff and if you find this sort of analysis useful and that it gels for you then check out his work at

Remember our Observation List within the November 11 blog where I mentioned Geocosmic studies as something we need to research and observe on each currency pair to see if there is any correlation, well this is our next area of investigation.

Im not going to rabble on as the proof is in the pudding … let’s check out some charts.

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You might very well think Im a lunartic by what I am going to discuss today…

Ok this is going to seem very bizarre, especially in relation to trading.

But stay with me as we might find some very powerful indicators that could mean extra profits for your trading account. I guarantee most would have not heard of this before if this powerful indicator could significantly boost your trading profits… even though it is way beyond what you would think is possible, if the proof of consistency was there would you use it within your trading plan?

WD Gann, one of last centuries most famous and successful traders actually used these trading methods but never disclosed it to the public within his writings, as back in those days he would have been burned at the stake as it would have likely been classed as something resembling hocus-pocus or witchcraft.

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